Sealcoat Application

  • All surfaces are prepared by cleaning and completing all necessary crackfill, asphalt repairs, and application schedule

  • Edges and areas that are done by hand are brushed on to limit overspray

  • Ambient temperature sealer is sprayed using compressed air diaphragm pumps

  • More is not always better: too much sealer and it can flake off, it is better done with an even coat that covers the asphalt completely.

  • Until we are forced otherwise, Coal Tar will be our product of choice

    • other companies may feature asphalt emulsion because they are forced to follow regulations in their larger territories. Bayland services NE Wisconsin including Green Bay and is currently by law, free to use Coal Tar

    • It typically costs more per gallon when everything is factored into the equation, but repeat customers and their satisfaction is how we chose to build our reputation

    • In its raw state, it can be less than desirable to work with, however time has proven it to be the superior product. Much has been documented on this by independent labs/sources