Asphalt Repair

R and R (remove and resurface)

  • This is the best method to achieve long term results and maybe the best option for those who will be in their building for the long haul

  • Part 1 : Removal, trucking and disposal of all old asphalt

  • Part 2: Remove degraded base, install new base material, grade and compact

  • Part 3: Lay new Asphalt

* There are many variables to this and requires a trained eye to give an estimate which usually results in the most expensive, long lasting option. We work closely with Hugo & Bramscheiber to ensure this job is done right.

Infrared Repair

  • Degraded asphalt is heated in 5×6 foot rectangles (size of heat element on truck) until asphalt melts into a worked material.

  • New asphalt is added and raked to slightly higher level and compacted down to match as close as possible.

  • This can be a solution but does not always address the true problem: was the base failing? was there a low spot where water sat? In these instances, you may be further ahead to put new asphalt/concrete down especially if you plan on staying long term or there is in fact a drainage issue

Cold Patch (Gator Patch,QPR)